With the proliferation of media in today’s internet fueled world, we have all these pictures, movies, and songs floating around. Most of them happen to be isolated from any sort of human connection. That is where Napchill comes in.

Napchill was started when one person felt that while technology’s such as smartphones, laptops and high speed internet promised to connect people they were doing anything but, and were in actuality isolating people from one another. In the face of that isolation Napchill was conceived as an idea that could turn the tide, and bring back the human element to the new tech age.

Napchill is derived from a creole word meaning socializing. The use of the name is no coincidence, and it serves a dual purpose. First it can be understood as a mission statement for the company. Napchill is all about connecting people, about enriching the human experience through mutual interaction and understanding. The diverse name also suggests that Napchill is a tool that wants to connect people of different cultures, different ideas and belief’s. Doing so is at the very core of what Napchill seeks to be. Anyone can make a website, it takes something more to develop a usable tool that will dissolve the walls that separate humans from one another.

Napchill offers a range of entertainment sources, from news, photos, and video clips of all kinds. But these are not isolated pieces of information that are to be consumed by one person an forgotten, Napchill works by providing the backdrop that allows people to share these different sources of media with one another. By sharing and talking with each other about these things people no longer remain the lonely, isolated things they once were. Now they are something more, they are part of the human network, all while having fun.

Like any good idea Napchill is growing and changing constantly. It seeks to be the best it can be at all times, so go ahead give it a try. Give yourself the opportunity to be entertained while connecting with those around you. That’s what Napchill is there for.

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